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Targeted Disruptors

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The following disruptors are currently targeted based on outreach to Fortune / Global 500 senior executives as well as distillation of some of the world’s finest research organizations.

Each session will include facilitated interchange between global experts and senior management in attendance.

Individual sessions will generally address several related disruptors. Targeted disruptors and groupings are subject to revision..

Geopolitcal Disruptors
Global Government Policy & Regulatory Disruptors
Business Model Disruptors
Cyber Disruptors
Technology & Innovation Disruptors
Societal Disruptors
Environmental Disruptors

Economic Disruptors

  • China, Russia, India: Three Trajectories
  • Middle East Tinderbox: Evolving Arab Awakening, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria…
  • Widening Political Impasse in Key Nations
  • The World Stage in Flux: Stability of the Developing World
  • New Directions in Terrorism
  • Military and Warfare in the 21st Century

  • Emergent Regulatory Disruptions in Asia, Europe & the Americas
  • Menacing Trade Disputes & Potential Tariff Wars
  • Impending Corporate Tax Reform & Disruptions to Capital Investment
  • Developing International Corporate Litigation Trajectories
  • Prospective Global Regulatory Reform
  • Emerging Global Public Policy & Social Issue Trends
  • Expanding Conflicts in National Regulatory Regimes

  • Technology Jumps Across Industry Sectors
  • Low-Cost-Provider Expansions to Premium Markets
  • Novel Competition from Unexpected Sources
  • Game Changing Approaches to Established Production Processes
  • Your Customer as Competitor
  • Volatile Intellectual Property Regimes (Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights in play)
  • Counterfeiting Offensives
  • Potential Social Media Disintermediation
  • Surprise Alternatives to Existing Products

  • New Cyber Disruptors: Disjointed International Efforts, the New US Presidential Executive Order and No Red Phone
  • Crippling State-Sponsored Industrial Espionage
  • The Cyber Game Changer: the Active Defense
  • Volatile Intellectual Property Regimes (Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights in play)
  • Counterfeiting Offensives
  • Potential Social Media Disintermediation
  • Surprise Alternatives to Existing Products

  • Big Data’s Little Understood Trajectory
  • The Cloud: Alluring Economies and Unexplored Impacts
  • Reinvention of the Internet
  • Vulnerability of Connectivity-Undiscovered and Potentially Cascading Interdependencies: GPS, Internet-based Dependencies, Instantaneous Global Financial Market Connectedness
  • Energy Disruptors: Increasing Energy Dependencies & Cascading Impacts
  • Social Media’s Next Breakthroughs
  • Turning Things Upside Down: Robotics/Automation, 3-D Printing, Artificial Intelligence, Commercialization of Space, the Human Genome and…
  • Ramifications of Mobile Technology

  • Demographic Revolutions: Urbanization, aging, generational mixing, dynamic middle-class
    and others
  • Changing Consumer Behaviors & Developing Mega-Trends
  • Disruptive Forces in Sport
  • Explosive Violence: Civil Unrest, Backlash Against Globalization, Workplace Threats,
  • Contagion: Pandemic & Drug Resistant Bacteria
  • New Waves in Immigration: Likely reforms, costs and benefits to business
  • Hyper-Connectivity & the Volatility of Reputations

  • Extreme Weather & Climate Change
  • Food and Water Scarcity
  • Solar-Based Disruptions / Geomagnetic Storms / Space Weather
  • Increasing Impact of Natural Hazards: Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanic Eruptions…

  • Disruptive Trajectories in the Global Economy: Key Nations & Wider Ecosystems (the Chinese Mega-Cycle, the Eurozone, Developing Markets, Default Prospects)
  • Corporate Governance Disruptors: activist investors, demands for increased transparency, climate change reporting
  • A New Energy Mix: Oil to Methane, Coal Displaced?
  • Disruptions in Core Factors for Production: Labor Availability and Skills, Key Commodities, Water, Nationalization
  • Sweeping Market / Producer Consolidations
  • Volatile Swifts in Manufacturing, Outsourcing and Off-Shoring
  • Disruptions in the Global Supply Chain
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